la central is
is a center
for urban university residence.


bedrooms, rooms, sitting-rooms, patios, rooftop, solarium, kitchen, office, bathroom, security, cleaning …

the space

lacentral is a complex space in the urban centre of Sevilla that has converted the historic architecture of the cozy traditional houses, built around patios and fountains, in a central for urban university life, comfortable, cosmopolitan and sociable, where living is a pleasure.

A residence house in the very heart of Sevilla with all services you need.

The rooms

Your space. Our only focus is on improving the place where you rest, study, enjoy… where you return to when you need to be in your place. Just like being home. Or better!

Room equipment, simple-life-idea:

wifi, your bed, your wardrobe and your individual study table._ you don´t have to worry about the linen, we will provide it to you and will take care of keeping it clean for you. Intense cleaning every week,_ air-conditioned and safe.

Dining room and TV room

It is wide and holds enough capacity to make of your meals a nice moment. Out of the meal-time it is kept clean and in order, and it works as a study room that you can use for your class group works.

The TV room has sofas and AV resources, and hosts a small library. It is a place to rest in your free time and meet the rest of the students. This area is meant for the centraleros to use: film screenings,   following La Liga, showcasing documentaries or university related materials…

The Rooftop

Probably this is the flagship space of lacentral.

It is set up for you to enjoy it; furnished for sunbathing, with showers, a Ping Pong table and a nice view over Sevilla center.

Relax under the sun, refresh with a shower, read or study in the open air, exercise, play ping pong… these are just a few of the options that our rooftop offer.

We accept suggestions! Lacentral is a space open to new ideas, if you live with us and want to make an use that we have not yet discovered, just tell us.

The Patios

Typical from Sevilla, the patios are the real nerve centers of the building. They offer a nice ambience and natural light.

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