la central is
is a center
for urban university residence.

en el centro de Sevilla:

24/7 at your disposal, in the centre of everything, the central hub for everything.

In the centre

the life & the people:
the squares, the streets,
la alameda, the river…

You will find us in the centre

C/ Miguel Cid 25 | 41002 | Sevilla

+34 954 210 000

in the centre

walkways, the life & the people:
the squares, the streets,
la alameda, the river…

the connection centre for everything


In the very heart of Sevilla

Our students´ residence is in the very heart of Sevilla, close to everything and with wonderful public transportation connections. We are very close to Plaza de la Gavidia, next to El Corte Inglés, an area full of cafés, shops and every kind of service that you need handy.

It is located in the San Vicente Quarter, which is well known in Sevilla for hosting the casas-palacio built by the Sevilla businessmen around the middle of the 1800´s. It is therefore a historic neighborhood, with artistic value, very quiet and what is more important, right in the city centre.

Public Transportation: Bus

Being in the city centre has the advantage of being close to everything not only because you can walk to most spots of cultural/commercial or university interest, but because of the fact that all transport connections in and out the city centre converge right there.

You can check all itineraries and timetables of the different public transports out in the website of the  consorcio de transportes de Sevilla.

From lacentral you will find the following BUS connections:

Plaza de El Duque (5 minutes walk): 13, 14, 27, 32 y C5 lines.

Will connect you with the campuses Macarena, Ramón y Cajal, Sevilla Este, Sevilla Sur and the various areas of the city centre.

Plaza de la Magdalena (9 minutes walk): 40, 41 y 43 lines.

Will connect you with the Escuela Politécnica Superior, Triana quarter, Los Remedios and the west area of the city.

Plaza de la Encarnación (10 minutes walk): 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 20 y 24 lines.

Will connect you with the north and east areas of the city.

C/ Torneo (4 minutes walk): 6, B5, C3 y C4 lines.

Will connect you with the campuses Reina Mercedes, Cartuja, Macarena, Ramón y Cajal, and CEADE.

The bus service in Sevilla offers a very useful app that allows you to consult how close the bus is to arrive to your stop and your waiting time before it arrives.

Public Transportation: Metro

METRO Line 1

Puerta de Jerez (20 minutes walk)

Connects Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Campus Ramón y Cajal and EUSA.

Getting around by bicycle

Sevilla is a city more than favourable for bicycle riding. It is almost completely flat and the climate is nice for being outdoors most of the year. The bike lane covers almost the whole city, and there are direct lanes to all campuses. This just brings advantages: riding is cheaper than bus, quicker than walking and you don´t have to wait. On top of this it makes you exercise while you enjoy getting around the city on your bike.

This is why in lacentral we always recommend the local bike rental public service , Sevici. Consult the stations that you can find within a 5 minutes’ walk from the house.


How to get to the various University campuses from lacentral

Form lacentral you can walk, cycle, or get the public transport to all  University campuses of Sevilla. Check out how to get to yours

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Distance to each of the campuses of the University

lacentral is right in the centre of everything, to see the location of the house with respect of the campuses of Sevilla, check out the map.

Regional and National buses

Plaza de Armas bus station (10 minutos walk )

It connects with Almería, Cádiz, Granada, Córdoba, Málaga, Extremadura, Madrid and Barcelona among others.

Prado de San Sebastián bus station ( 35 minutes walk | connected  via metrocentro and metro línea 1 | buses C1, C2, C3 y C4 lines )

Connects with Cádiz, Málaga, Granada.

Santa Justa Train Station

Santa Justa Train Station is 30 minutes walking. It is connected via  C1, C3 and 32 bus lines.

Sevilla Airport (SVQ)

The airport Sevilla-San Pablo is approximately a 15 minutes car drive from lacentral, depending on the time of the day you are ready to go and the subsequent traffic: how to get there.

The urban taxis of Sevilla apply a flat rate for all services to and from the airport. You can check out all the information about prices and timetables  here.

The Especial Aeropuerto (EA) is a bus line that connects the city with SVQ. It has a stop only 10 minutes walking from lacentral, in Estación de Autobuses Plaza de Armas, where you will find the first stop of the EA. You can check out all the information about prices and timetables  here.