la central is
is a center
for urban university residence.

LaCentral Casa:

A very charming house

2. Martínez Montañés, the annex building

In Martínez Montañés we offer you services and facilities equivalent of what you find in the main building but with a better price. The reason why it is cheaper is that the rooms do not offer en-suite bathrooms so two rooms share one bathroom that is just around the corner.

the annex

It is probably worth noting that this building is a little bit smaller than the main building. And also the fact that, even when breakfast is served there every morning, the 19 students living in the annex building will have to walk to the main one for their lunch and dinner, so they can join the rest of the centraleros in their meals.

The rooms are equipped exactly as those in the main building. With regards to the common areas, Martinez Montañés offers a nice little kitchen-dining area, TV facilities, laundry and a sitting-room.

The access to the house is controlled and is based in a system that uses electronic cards to open the doors, which maks access safe and efficient.

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