la central is
is a center
for urban university residence.


cinema, sports, music,
no keys, laundry, meals, transport,
Mediterranean food…

Free Internet

We offer wireless broadband Internet that you can access for free from anywhere in the building.

Management, Maintenance, and Access control

We have 24/7 accountable personnel present in the house. The student will always have someone handy for consultation, requests, city info, etc. The access to the building is restricted and controlled for the security of the student´s sake; anyway, the students hosted will have free access in and out 24/7. We also have an effective CCTV surveillance system installed.

Cleaning and Laundry

Your room and bathroom always clean. Common areas in perfect order.

We have launderette available for you to do your laundry, and open air clothes dryer for your delicate clothes that you don´t want to put in the dryer machine.


Our prices include three meals per day, all based in the Mediterranean diet. Our meals are homemade, fresh and supervised by an independent specialist consultant. We are proud of our professional cook team that elaborates the meals every day. On top of this we offer creativity, attention to the details and a different touch for the special occasions: theme nights, Christmas specials, BBQs,…

Our day meal is formed by breakfast (fresh baked bread toasts, olive oil, butter, marmalade, assorted cold cuts, assorted cereal, pastries, juice, coffee, tea, milk) lunch (homemade stews and soups, salads, assorted fish and meat dishes, fruit), and dinner (lighter, including soups, creams, assorted dishes, fruit and yogurt).

If you are a vegetarian, or if you are lactose intolerant, we also cook special menus for you! For other options, contact us.

The meals will have a fixed timetable and will be served at the dining room. We are flexible with time so don´t worry if you can´t make it, we can prepare a packed lunch to take away (remember to request it ahead of time).

We post our day menu in the centraleros area every morning at nuestra comida.

Risk Prevention

We have all necessary prevention measures in place for your safety and security in case of any incident or accident.

Information and tips

We will be more than happy to guide and help on any kind of query you want to make or service of any sort that can make the life of our students in Sevilla easier.

Sporting facilities

We have sporting facilities available for you 2 hours in the week, exclusive for the students hosted in lacentral. If you wish you can participate in the matches we organize or you can propose any sporting activities that you would like to do.