la central is
is a center
for urban university residence.


A place where you just have to focus on your study and your social life.

Different accommodation options

lacentral offers two houses within the same area, in downtown Sevilla. We have transformed two historical buildings into totally refurbished residence centers so we can offer our students all what is necessary for a comfortable life, all inside the very heart of the city. We have designed spaces with a personality that will definitely adapt to the attributes of the centraleros.


There is a 2 minutes’ walk between the two houses. Have a look in the map.

See Miguel Cid, nº25. 41002, Sevilla


See Martínez Montañés, nº10. 41002, Sevilla

The space in detail

lacentral offers different types of rooms and each of the buidings has its own personality and has different facilities. For further information go to

the space